Sin: A Short Documentary For English
by me :)


fuckyeahskinnybitch appearance?

My friend Brian wrote on my wall earlier today and linked me to fuckyeahskinnybitch on tumblr. I hardly ever go on tumblr (even though I have an account :/) but I definitely got a surprise when I was greeted with this:

I'm definitely flattered but I never really considered myself that skinny, just average. It was a definite ego booster though :)

In other news I got my material for my prom dress, now I just need to get my sister Heather to draft it. She's coming out with a line by the end of June hopefully so it should be exciting! Brian is taking the photo's, he is just so great. You can check out his website here.

I was also contacted to have my photo's used for this Chinese magazine through lookbook, which is pretty cool. I don't really know if that's going anywhere though - I'll keep you posted!

Night loves!


Nadine Williams

Nadine took some pictures of me which I quite like. She's a great photographer.
I've been cooped up all day with my kitten, yes kitten! Will put pictures of her up soon. Her name is Megara :)


six feet

I will always forgive you, maybe because I can't stand losing the one person I've given so much to or maybe because I know that's what Jesus would do. But I will not forget. I will never be able to forget.

I know that you have loved me, and I loved you back but you were a different person then. Somedays I am still in love with that person, but he is far gone and I've been so jaded against him that there is nothing I want there.

If I could get what I've given you back I would not be so crushed.

But I gave it. Sometimes I feel like you took it, but in the end I gave it.


may 14

stumbled upon two of the best websites today.
courtesy of found and antoine.
awkward family photo's
with such gems as:

and the other site is just a page on fundivision about car security.
the things people do to protect their vehicles...

i have four prom dates

i didn't realize i was so desirable. first connor, then tariq, then antoine and then douglas. all of whom i would absolutely love to go to prom with. it makes me feel slightly skanky though.

i think i'm going to wear a dress i already have, but i really want some black strappy plaforms to go with. i can't seem to find good CHEAP ones, but net-a-porter has a few :(

ankle strap sandals

and on

cut out toe boots (but i don't think they really look like that)

and on

Jill Sander
asymetrical satin sandals

and on

on a different note, i think i'm being made fun of for having lookbook. that sucks. well, what sucks more is that i genuinely care and now don't really know what to do. i always end up caring. too bad i just can't learn not to give a fuck:



i feel like I have swine flu right now. anywhoooo i love sheer shirts.

oh woody allen, you are adorable.

courtesy of Vanity Fair